Here are some anecdotes, thoughts and stories collected during my travels and written at different periods of my life:

Sun-Day, Heliophoria or The Balance of the Sun...

An illustrated Mediterranean fairy-tale for children and adults alike!
Illustrations by Anna Reisenberger.

Thornbush Tales

A poem to the tune of Bob Dylan!

Comeuppance at Barraquish

A skirmish in the Yemen!

A Penny in Heaven or Better than Sex...

On the potency of music!

Cuban Impressions

Street philosophies stumbled on in Cuba.

Comunicando con el paisaje

The opening of the exhibition in La Habana, Cuba

Quaker Meeting in Atheist Havana

Spirituality versus Sensuality.

Her Highness of Havana

From Embassyland to the City of Breasts.

Esperando Esperanto

Waiting for Godot.

Horseshoe – Luck or fate?

Crete! 4 hours by plane, but only 2 hours by car!

Meeting Moreau, la Merveilleuse

An audience with Jeanne Moreau.